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What Hides behind a Smiling Mask


Finding out what lies beneath a grin can be both terrible and shocking. However, covering up how we feel on the inside is not a long-term solution. As a provider of mental health services in North Carolina, we believe that you can fake as many grins as you want, but it won’t change how you feel.

Recognizing depression is the first step in receiving the care you require, whether you are experiencing depression yourself or observing a loved one changing somewhat from how it used to be. However, not all “unlucky” emotions are indicative of depression, and the following symptoms and red flags may not accurately identify the illness. This can only point you in the correct direction, though.

Below are the signs and symptoms that we notice while providing behavioral health services:

  • Anger, impatience, or losing their cool even over something they had previously been tolerant of.
  • Having a depressing outlook despite the bright front. Feeling helpless and hopeless.
  • Losing interest in routine tasks or favorite pastimes; absence of joy and happiness despite outward signs of satisfaction.

Although depression is a severe issue, you do not have to experience it alone. We have our healthcare in Fayetteville, North Carolina and we are here to help you as part of our counseling services.

Better Beginnings Healthcare Solutions also offers substance abuse counseling.

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