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Our counselors will help the youth overcome substance abuse and lead better, healthier lives through successful reentry to the community and continuity of education.

It is our anticipation to provide integrated and effective services to individuals and families impacted by incarceration in District Court 11 under the JCPC programs. As such, Better Beginnings Healthcare Solutions is now offering Youth Addiction Recovery Program for teens ages 12 to 18, which are in alignment with the goals and services of Juvenile Justice Programs in the State of North Carolina which include:

  • Fostering communities that are safe from juvenile crime
  • Collaborating with judges, district attorneys, juvenile defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies, schools, and other youth service providers to determine and provide the right program for each youth
  • Providing safe and secure housing for youth in care and programming that teaches pro-social skills
  • Providing accurate assessment and effective treatment of youth
  • Preventing youth from initial or further involvement in the juvenile justice system through partnerships with local governments and communities
  • Providing educational and/or vocational opportunities for our youth to succeed when they leave our system and re-enter the community

Young people who are leaving juvenile justice residential placement face many concerns as they reenter the community, home, and school/workforce. Reentry refers to those activities and tasks that prepare youth who are placed out-of-home for reentry into their families and communities.

As you may know, unfortunately, many youth return to unstable home settings, struggle to remain in school, and lack the skills needed for employment upon leaving a secure care placement. Furthermore, the majority of youth involved in the juvenile justice system have a mental health disorder, and support services in their home communities are hard to arrange until they are formally released. This can cause a gap in services that negatively impacts the reentry process.

To improve the odds of success for youth re-entering the community, Better Beginnings Healthcare Solutions will support the justice system, related agencies, and communities through a Behavioral Health component that help youth and teens overcome addiction. Through the use of behavioral and family-based interventions as well as participate in group therapy and other peer support programs during and following treatment will help them achieve abstinence. Therefore, coordination and collaboration between agencies, services, and supports are necessary at multiple phases of reentry for these juveniles.

Through the findings, there are many factors that Better Beginnings Healthcare Solutions have considered in the planning for the reentry services under Behavioral Health Services. Many of our services come from a place of experience with the justice system.

  • Family: to ensure family and home stability, skill development, and healing of damaged relationships
  • Substance abuse: to promote a reduction or cessation of substance use and/or abuse
  • Peer association/friends: to promote the positive use of leisure time, prevent gang involvement, and discourage association with peers engaged in delinquent activities
  • School conflict and achievement: to promote the transference of educational records and placement in the appropriate school settings that will support educational success and achievement
  • Mental, behavioral, and physical health: to make sure that essential supports are in place to address mental health, social/behavioral concerns, and/or chronic health problems

Our counselors will work collaboratively with the staff at youth development centers, juvenile detention centers, and contracted community residential programs to ensure optimal education and re-entry outcomes for youth.

To schedule an assessment with our therapists, call us at 910-483-5986. Let us discuss your condition so we can develop a comprehensive treatment plan that matches your needs. If you have questions, send us a message through our online form. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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